Gourmet Line

Cooking tools for gastronomy

Eating well is a pleasure that demands respect...

Rapid or slow cooking, strong or delicate flavours, firm or soft consistencies, persistent flavour, and maintaining nutritional value define the personality of foods and describe the quality of a delicatessen.

We expect an oven to be highly versatile, so it can incorporate – in a single unit – the excellence of the various culinary approaches represented by its diverse types of cooking.

That’s why Best For designed Gourmet – a complete, independent line of ovens for delicatessens that offers specific cooking treatments for red and white meats, fish, shellfish, oven baked first courses and vegetables, baked goods, pastries and fried foods.

These attractive ovens can also make a modern, balanced, and innovative contribution to the furnishing arrangement in a variety of work settings.

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