Altri campi d'impiego

Technology applied to tradition

Making bread, a wisdom handed down from generation to generation.

Tradition is renewed today thanks to our technology that allows you to bake traditional bread as in a ground oven, to prepare different products in the same batch with a perfect uniformity of cooking and to quickly brown frozen and pre-cooked products.

Thus, you can keep the typical production that distinguishes yourself, improve your range, increase profits while saving time and energy.

Bistrot Line

All simple, as you want.


  • multiple fans with inversion of the rotation direction, electronic speed control and engine brake
  • 5 running speeds that can be set by the user both in MANUAL mode and in RECIPES mode
  • 2 pulsed travel speeds that can be set by the user with the BestPulse system for one
  • semi-static cooking
  • preheating set by the user up to 270°
  • display of cooking progress and remaining time
  • alternate display of the set and actual parameters (time / chamber temperature and probe / fan speed / climate)
  • display HACCP data
  • export and print HACCP data
  • operation in “infinite” mode
  • save manual program as a recipe
  • modification of all parameters during cooking

Suitable lines for this activity

Bistrot line

Easy line