There is a thing that time cannot change: our aspiration to improve ourselves.

For over 30 years we’ve been working to raise the quality of the cooking, taking care of both technical and functional aspects, fully respecting our values.

The values that our work is built on are: innovation, quality, efficiency, meticulousness, accuracy, ecology, reliability and responsibility.

Our main target is the maximum satisfaction of our customers, meant as to obey every of their needs and give every service we can to fully satisfy all their expectations. All of this still preserving the respect of the environment and the safety on workplaces.

Our company philosophy must contribute to the achievement of the following objectives: Design and produce reliable, perfectly functional cooking tools that fully satisfy the most diverse needs of our customers.

Ensure compliance with the quality standards of products and services. Prevent pollution and, in particular, control and reduce emissions of gas into the environment and waste.

Increase the level of knowledge, competence and awareness of staff through constant technological development activities that allow an easy and intuitive interaction with our products.

We like challenges and things that last over time, just like our ovens.