Display touch screen

7 inches LCD TFT colour screen CAPACITIVE protected by a 5 mm thick glass, multi-touch functionality, long lasting in most environments, resistant to contact with water, dust and grease, equipped with a simple, intuitive and customizable interface, quick management of chef and user recipes, 500 programmable recipes, manages more than 30 languages, also equipped with night cooking programs.

Vision manages the oven's programs and functions in a complete and autonomous way.

Double low emissive glass

The attention of our engineers is focused on energy efficiency and increasingly restrictive European standards that demand for low-emissivity glass increases.

The low-emissivity glass is equipped with a coating that effectively counteracts the heat loss, K Glass™ offers significantly higher performances in terms of thermal insulation, as well as good energy saving results thus reducing costs.

The internal glass can be opened and easily cleaned.

Led illumination

The LED lights positioned on the door allow greater lighting of the product in cooking and enhance the design of our models, the led bars, compared to traditional lighting, ensure high efficiency, longer life, lower maintenance costs.

Thanks to its high efficiency, it ensures very low consumption and high performances, excellent and versatile for creative and innovative solutions thanks to the use of blue LED lights installed in each model, we can ensure greater sanitation during the washing processes.

BESTPOINT Multipoint core probe

The core probe is the useful tool for cooking products that require constant and precise control at the core of the product. This device automatically stops cooking at the very moment when the desired settings are reached.

The BESTPOINT core probe guarantees the control in every single second and certifies the cooking status of the product to guarantee its quality.

BESTFORPOINT allows to keep constant the difference between the cooking chamber climate and the temperature in the core of the product. This DeltaT function is mostly used for cooking products like Roast beef, hams and large cuts of meat.

BESTFORAIR 5-speed fan system

Our ovens are equipped with 5 speeds, guaranteeing the correct air speed for cooking each product. The precise fan speed setting allows you to control the suitable flow of warm air for each type of cooking, moving from the most intense to the most moderate with a simple touch.

The fan inversion system allows a perfect distribution of warm air in the cooking chamber and, thanks to the 4 speeds, the air is always regulated according to the food to be cooked, this also allows cooking of more delicate products.

Ethernet and wi-fi network connection

The ethernet connection, wired or wireless, allows the connection of the oven to the internal LAN network so it is possible to manage, analyse and process the data of every action performed by the oven, both locally and remotely thanks to our BESTCONTROL application.

It also allows to save settings and recipes, so it is possible to reproduce them on any compatible oven, saving on the set-up time. The unique performance of our hardware allows to create a direct, secure and encrypted connection, without using remote servers, so that your data remains truly and only yours.

High thermal insulation

The BEST FOR ovens are designed for professionals who seek for immediate reduction of the costs they have with other ovens or cooking systems, with up to 70% less energy consumption compared to static ovens and 40% speed increase compared to convection ovens.

Our BEST FOR models are the synthesis of 35 years of experience gained by producing hundreds of quality products, ranging from rotating to deck ovens; this allowed our engineers to assess a lot of insulation materials, even approaching materials used in space engineering.

All our insulators are produced and specifically designed for the ovens’ industry; we use safe, stable, high-temperature resistant and non-polluting products, totally free of organic binders, with very limited emissions of aldehyde form. In the foreseen conditions the product is stable over time and guarantees the ideal insulation to reduce consumption and save energy during both cooking and washing.

Vacuum Probe at the core

Our models are equipped with the BESTHIN vacuum probe, which ensures that the correct core temperature is perfectly reached without ruining the product and the bag containing it.

Vacuum cooking must be carried out by evaluating the correct criteria and paying the utmost attention; knowledge of the products is essential to work in the best way, achieving the best results including the reduction of costs on the purchase of raw materials.

BESTCLEAN washing system

Intelligent washing system that guarantees a flawless cleaning and a deep and complete sanitation of the cooking chamber.

Our BESTCLEAN & CARE washing system allows to choose the most suitable washing system for the user needs; our models have 4 washing modes: delicate, normal, intensive and, for the more persistent dirt, super intensive.

The ovens are also equipped with a RINSING safety system that guarantees the sanitation of the cooking chamber.

BESTCLEAN automatic washings, along with our Clean & Care liquid detergent, guarantee a minimum water consumption and a perfect cleaning throughout the cooking surface. The joint action of this product with the steam and then the rinse water has the greatest effect on the fats and residues that have settled during cooking.

Finally, the washing system can operate in complete autonomy, and this allows to carry out the washing cycles during the night.

USB port

Using a simple USB flash drive, over 300 recipes can be downloaded from our website www.bestfor.it The oven provides space for 1000 personal recipe programs, which can be saved and transferred to other Best For devices, using a simple USB flash drive.

The quality and safety of your cooking will always be guaranteed, the programmed mode Chef Mode allows users to save their favourite recipes and repeat them in all the kitchens of the world equipped with one of our Best For models.

Premixed turbo catalytic burners

The BEST FOR series gas ovens combine an innovative design and concept that allow to obtain a high thermal yield, like an electric convection oven, and a considerable reduction in consumption.

The new highly efficient and eco-friendly burners guarantee CO2 emissions eight times lower than the limit imposed by Gastec, the most restrictive authority in Europe.

The exclusive BESTFIRE burners, combined with the heat exchanger completely designed with resistant materials Aisi, optimize the transfer of heat to the cooking chamber and the product to be cooked, thus reducing the gas consumption up to 20% compared to traditional air blown burners of the combined ovens and even managing to save energy by 40% compared to traditional ovens with atmospheric burners.

They also do not need to be connected to the flue as Co2 emissions are particularly low.

Blue LED light for chamber sanitation check

The special blue LED light positioned in the door compartment allows the identification of the most persistent dirt and, thanks to the quick rinse system, guarantees perfect cleaning of the work tool.

Grease discharge system BESTFAT

The technical features of the BEST FOR products are widened by the functionality of their special accessories such as the fat collection cabinet, easy to install on all our gastronomy models and which allows an easy and advantageous management of poultry cooking thanks to its AUTOMATIC DRAIN MANAGEMENT.

The BESTFAT FAT COLLECTION system, thanks to its automatic fat collection management, allows to significantly reduce the circulation of fat, while cooking and in the working environment, thus improving the quality of the cooked product and reducing the expensive and hard maintenance and cleaning to be usually performed on ovens for cooking chicken.

Tray with drops collection system

BEST FOR ovens have front and back collection trays for steam and water: these accessories minimize the risk of damaging appliances positioned nearby and floors with water and washing detergent residual. Its shape and material guarantee that water and steam flow together safely to the back where the specific drains are positioned.

Longitudinal tray-holders

Best For combi ovens bring the advantage of the longitudinal tray insertion system, that guarantees perfect evenness of cooking and the opportunity to use trays of different sizes, GN1 / 3 GN2 / 3 or GN1 / 1, in the same line; this versatility guarantees savings in managing daily activities.

A second strong point of the longitudinal insertion is the compactness: the small size of this tool simplify loading and unloading. besides, along with this system our engineers designed a small-size door, whose short radius allows to reduce the loss of heat during daily work.