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The performing technology

Company canteens, schools, hospitals and large kitchens need control, even remotely, of the work environment safety, in compliance with procedures and HACCP standards.

Obviously by respecting times and budgets too. All this is possible with your GOURMET which, thanks to advanced control systems, guarantees optimal and constant results even at full load and with forced working cycles.

The simplicity of importing recipes and cooking programs, along with the ability to correct operator errors, ensures optimal and constant results.

The quality and taste of prepared foods are preserved, everything works simply, safely and always under control.

Gourmet line

So much work, no surprise.


  • Convection cooking (temperature from 70° to 270°)
  • steaming (temperature from 40° to 130° with 100% BestSteam)
  • convection and steam cooking (temperature from 70° to 270° with BestSteam from 20% to 60%)
  • convection and dry air cooking (temperature from 70° to 270° with BestDry from 10% to 100%)
  • cooking with core probe
  • vacuum cooking with probe to the heart
  • cooking with core probe and ΔT
  • preheating set by the user up to 270°
  • display of cooking progress and remaining time
  • alternate display of the set and actual parameters (time/chamber temperature and probe/fan speed/climate)
  • cooking with MuliTimer – cook different products at different times, at the same temperature and with the same climate
  • cooking with MultiStep to divide the cooking in different phases (maximum 5 steps)
  • cooking with MultiStep to divide the cooking in different phases (up to 10 steps)
  • display HACCP data
  • export and print HACCP data
  • reversible door with left/right opening
  • automatic washing system with 4 different levels of intensity + quick rinse
  • delayed start/automatic start at a pre-set time with or without preheating.

Suitable lines for this activity

Gourmet line