Fruit & vegetable, butchery & fishmonger

Altri campi d'impiego

The technology that innovates

Implement and renew the activities that have always guaranteed freshness, quality and comfort to the most attentive and demanding consumer, without turning your place upside-down and with a minimum investment.

Turn your fresh food into refined and delicious take-away products.

With recipes and cooking programs created by our Chefs, you can bake and cook adding taste, service and value to the same quality as always. More choice, less waste, more profits.

Gourmet line

The same foods as always are transformed into special dishes.


  • Execution of recipes and programs pre-set by our Chefs
  • modification and regulation of the desired cooking degree and of the batch load
  • storing the desired cooking degree and the batch loading preferred for each recipe
  • visualization of all the information necessary for the preparation and execution of the recipes
  • recipe search by image
  • easy search for recipes by name
  • reversible door with left/right opening
  • automatic washing system with 4 different levels of intensity + quick rinse
  • delayed start/automatic start at a pre-set time with or without preheating
  • automatic rinsing in case of interrupted washing
  • warning of insertion and extraction of the washing impeller
  • notice of use errors core probe.

Suitable lines for this activity

Gourmet line

Easy line