Altri campi d'impiego

Precision thechnology

Always get the desired result thanks to the control systems that expertly manage the ventilation and the climate in the cooking chamber.

Even more products delicates will be cooked perfectly with the semi-static function and, thanks to speed rising and cooling, you can switch from one cooking to another without long waits and dead times.

Save time, save money and optimize processes. It will help you to improve your work and the quality of your life.

Bistrot line

Much more than what you would ask for in an oven.


  • Multiple fans with inversion of the rotation direction, electronic speed control and engine brake
  • 5 running speeds that can be set by the user both in MANUAL and RECIPE modes
  • 2 pulse speeds that can be set by the user with the BestPulse system for semi-static cooking
  • reversible door with left / right opening
  • automatic washing system with 4 different levels of intensity + quick rinse
  • delayed start / automatic start at a pre-set time with or without preheating
  • preheating set by the user up to 270°
  • display of cooking progress and remaining time
  • alternate display of the set and actual parameters (time / chamber temperature and probe / fan speed / climate)
  • display HACCP data
  • export and print HACCP data
  • operation in “infinite” mode
  • USB connection for import / export of data and recipes

Suitable lines for this activity

Bistrot line

Easy line